Work in the vineyard

The purpose of this phase is to prepare the grapes for optimum maturation, while respecting the plant, the soil and the environment.
Work in the vineyard in Gaillacois at Vayssette

It all starts with the pruning, several sizes are used depending on the grape variety.

The cordon de royat pruning is the one we practice the most: on trellised vines, the principle being to leave spurs with 2 eyes (the eye in viticultural terms corresponds to the buds). Once the vine has been pruned, the rods must be attached, this is the trellising.

Weeding is done at the same time. We work the soil mechanically to remove weeds every other row as we grass every other row. Grassing allows us to compete with the vines, thus reducing the yield, avoiding gullies and also allows the vines to have deeper roots. We then add natural fertiliser: horse manure.

As soon as the vines start to grow, the treatments begin. We practice sustainable pest control, which allows us to treat as little as possible while respecting the environment. These treatments last until the beginning of August.

In June and July, leaf removal and green harvesting allow us to limit yields and to obtain high quality grapes combining concentration and maturity.

From the first days of September, the harvest begins. They are of course manual, with the sole objective of picking grapes in an irreproachable state of health. The harvest will last until mid-November for the sweet whites.